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The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs

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The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs supports research fellows in all aspects of their training and development toward independent careers. We collaborate with JHU-JHMI organizations, departments, faculty, and staff to enhance the research, training, wellness, and professional development of postdocs and to support their transition to successful careers in academia, industry, government, and other sectors.

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Welcome, New Postdocs!

View information on policies, processes, and resources for starting your research fellowship at Johns Hopkins.


News & Upcoming Events

Upcoming Funding Opportunities

Monthly Postdoc Kudos!

Each month we feature recent SOM postdoc accomplishments, such as high impact papers, awards, and grants! Do you know a postdoc (yourself included) who should be featured? Email us to include them in next month's kudos at

2022 Postdoctoral Research Accelerator Awardees

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs is pleased to announce the 2022 Postdoctoral Research Accelerator Awardees. Please join us in congratulating them.
*Funded by a generous gift from the DuBose Fund

  • Vera Dunlock, PhD, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Project: Mapping Signaling to Understand T-Cell Exhaustion in Cancer
    Faculty PI: Dr. Sergi Regot
  • Inês Godet, PhD, Department of Oncology
    Project: Leveraging Rapid Autopsy Data Reveals that Intratumoral Hypoxia Promotes Metastatic Liver-Organotropism in Breast Cancer
    Faculty PI: Dr. Daniele Gilkes
  • Hayden Hyatt, PhD, Department of Physiology
    Project: Differential Functions of SFXN1 and SFN4: The Unexplored Sides of Sideroflexins
    Faculty PI: Dr. Steven Claypool
  • Kanghoon Jung*, PhD, Neuroscience Department
    Project: Structural and Functional Plasticity of Cortical Axo-Axonic Synapses for Healthy Cognition
    Faculty PI: Dr. Hyungbae Kwon
  • Wathsala GH Liyange*, PhD, Department of Ophthalmology
    Project: Development of Multi-Arm Anti-VEGF-Fab’/F(ab)2 for Regulation of VEGF Mediated Angiogenesis
    Faculty PI: Dr. Kannan Rangaramanujam
  • Alberto Marin-Gonzalez*, PhD, Department of Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry
    Project: Dynamics of the 3D Genome during Double-Strand Break Repair
    Faculty PI: Dr. Taekjip Ha
  • Joscelyn Mejias*, PhD, Department of Ophthalmology
    Project: Age-Related Changes in the Immune Response to Synthetic Materials
    Faculty PI: Dr. Jennifer Elisseeff
  • Matthew Reid, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    Project: Sleep as a Novel Biomarker to Predict Treatment Response to Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy
    Faculty PI: Dr. Patrick Finan
  • Sergio Vicencio-Jimenez*, PhD, Department of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery
    Project: Elucidating the Role of Olivocochlear Efferents in Hearing Using Optogenetics
    Faculty PI: Dr. Amanda Lauer
  • JiaoJiao Xu, PhD, Department of Physiology
    Project: Uncovering the Sex-Specific Role of Olfactory Receptor 558 in Blood Pressure Regulation
    Faculty PI: Dr. Jennifer Pluznick
  • Yingchao Xue, PhD, Department of Dermatology
    Project: Defining the Contribution of Body-Wide Skin Stretch to Obesity-Related Inflammation
    Faculty PI: Dr. Luis Garza

Grants and Fellowships for Postdocs

See resources for postdoctoral funding opportunities and limited submission grant opportunities.


Support for Postdoctoral Fellows

Need Career Counseling? Sign-up for an Online Session!

We advise on matters related to your postdoctoral appointment and collaborate with the Professional Development and Career Office (PDCO) to provide career counseling. Contact us for assistance with job application materials (resumes, CVs, cover letters, etc.), job search strategies, and more.

To set up an appointment for virtual career counseling, email us at

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Our People

Dana Boatman, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Postdoctoral Affairs

Cassie Klein, M.B.A.
Administrator, Graduate Medical Education & Postdoctoral Programs

Kimberly Averella
Senior Credentialing Specialist

Patty Crapanzano
Senior Administrative Coordinator



Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
1830 E. Monument Street, 6th Floor
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