Brittany Heurta

Board Member

Britt is Mexican-American West Virginian Transplant hailing from the seacoast of New Hampshire. She moved to West Virginia to become a WVU Mountaineer in 2006 without knowing a single person in the entire state. After finishing her bachelor’s degree she realized that the mountains had taken over her heart and soul, she did something rather “unconventional” for young people in West Virginia, she stayed. Britt has been working in the non-profit & social services arena since graduation with a focus on youth and people with developmental disabilities. Britt’s true passion is organizing. She spends most of her free time organizing around environmental and reproductive health issues, in the past she has also organized around worker actions and progressive electoral politics. 

Britt joined the CARE Coalition board in 2019 because she values the youth council work and the anti-racist frameworks that CARE offers to organizations and institutions. Aside from valuing the already existing work CARE does, a major motivator for her joining the board was help CARE deepen their organizational lens to focus on specific types of structural racism such as environmental and reproductive justice issues. Britt also deeply believes in diversity of bold tactics when fighting for justice and against white supremacy. 

Britt lives in Fayette County with her partner and their two cats Onyx and Habanero.