Jamecia James

Board Member Presidednt

Jamecia James is native to Charleston, WV. She obtained her B.S. Athletic Training and Psychology and possesses a M.A. Leadership Studies: Non-Profits & Government Agency. This August 2019, she will began the journey of obtaining her Masters in Social Work. Jamecia believes it is essential to understand why and how people become who they are. She believes that when we learn this, it helps better gauge the best way to help these people break barriers. Jamecia has a long-term goal is to work with on creating better opportunities for marginalized people, through research and development.

When asked about the importance of care, Jamecia responded “I believe CARE can be a catalyst for organizations to spark and inspire them to become the need that they see. It is important to stand and fight for those who may not understand how to fight the oppression that is poured into our communities. We need people who aren’t afraid to shake things up when others are comfortable. That who CARE is. That’s the type of fight and empowerment communities need.”